Top 10 Individuals

NameAmount Raised
1. Kathy LeMay$11874
2. Mary Bowen$3908
3. Jackson Elkins$3243
4. Matilda Cantwell$2845
5. Serena Murphy$2800
6. Meredith Morrison$2751
7. Karin George$2136
8. Diane Curtis$2100
9. Cara Bergstrom-Lynch$2000
10. Kristin Leutz$1812

Top 10 Teams

NameAmount Raised
1. Webs Yarn$20300
2. Team Raising Change$18855
3. Western Mass Distance $6820
5. Unitarian Society Of N$5161
6. Scarlet Letters$5043
7. SHOW Circus$4831
8. UMass Sociology $3712
9. Team Leuchs-Curtis$3193
10. Team Brewster$2917

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What is the Hot Chocolate Run?

The Hot Chocolate Run is a community celebration of Safe Passage, the Hampshire County organization addressing domestic violence. The Hot Chocolate Run has grown dramatically since its first year in 2004. This year, we expect 6,000 participants in our 5K run, 5K fun run and 3K walk. Every runner and walker will enjoy a mug of homemade hot chocolate at the finish line! Participants join us year after year for a fun and festive start to the holiday season. They participate to spend time with family and friends, to run a challenging 5K course with serious competitors, to enjoy hot chocolate, and most importantly, to support Safe Passage and our important programs for survivors of domestic violence. Every one of our participants has the opportunity to make a big difference for people who have lived with domestic violence. We hope you’ll join us this year–and that you’ll sign up to Step Up for Safe Passage. Together, we can expand possibilities and opportunities for people living with abuse.

Step up for Safe Passage

Before you walk or run this year, please take another step towards helping families affected by domestic violence. Step Up for Safe Passage by asking your friends and family to sponsor you in the Hot Chocolate Run.

Hot Chocolate!

Our hot chocolate… When the Hot Chocolate Run began in 2004, we knew we wanted to serve REAL hot chocolate–the good stuff, made with just milk, cocoa, sugar and vanilla. We expected a few hundred participants our first year. Jen and John, the event’s founders, got up early that morning and made about 40 gallons of hot chocolate in big pots in their kitchen…
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Hilary, the Polar Bear, and the Penguin… Each year, Northampton’s own syndicated cartoonist Hilary Price of Rhymes with Orange contributes the terrific artwork for our hot chocolate mugs! Since the very first Hot Chocolate Run in 2004, Hilary’s artwork has featured our event mascots, the Polar Bear and the Penguin.
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