I shared the link to my fundraising page with a few friends and family members. My wonderful dad, order Cliff, cure was the first person to respond exclaiming– “Let’s do this!” Cliff has worked for the same New York City paper company for the past 35 years. In all of this time he’s helped his colleagues and clients (and their kids) with various fundraising efforts, whether its buying Girl Scout cookies or pledging money for a softball team. However, he’d never really had the occasion to share a fundraising campaign himself. Until now!

My sister and I had both volunteered for Safe Passage in the past, and he knew how important this organization was to our community and to us as individuals. He sent out a simple e-mail to every one of his contacts, linking my fundraising page and urging them to help out. I could never have expected what happened next. My inbox was almost immediately flooded with donation notifications and heartfelt messages from folks I had never even met.

My dad has developed so many positive relationships over the years and his commitment to helping others is what propelled people from all over to come out of the woodwork to step up for Safe Passage. I was humbled by the generosity of others, but also very proud of what this response says about my father. He is a man who recognizes the importance of ending domestic violence, and who unconditionally supports his daughters and our community. Sometimes all it takes is one person to connect us with others, and I’m grateful that my dad stepped up for Safe Passage along with me. My advice for fundraising is to be candid about why ending domestic violence is important to you and share your page widely, you never know who might see it.