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Sponsor Spotlight: Health New England

Safe Passage’s Executive Director, Marianne Winters, recently spoke with Lynn Ostrowski of Health New England. HNE and Baystate Health are proud Presenting Sponsors of this year’s Hot Chocolate Run. This designation is a first for the Hot Chocolate Run and represents the significant and important contribution that both organizations are making to our community. By providing the highest level of sponsorship support, they stand out as leaders in the work to address and end domestic violence.

MW: So, why does HNE sponsor the Hot Chocolate Run?

L.Ostrowski Head ShotLynn: At HNE we have a community based mission, to improve the quality of life and health status of people who live in the communities we serve. Our true belief is that healthy people are more productive, are better at learning, better at working, better at being with their family and friends. We firmly believe that health is the basic platform for everything else going forward. Obviously, Safe Passage works on one of the key components to the foundation of health.

MW: What is it about the Hot Chocolate Run that you think is a match for your mission?

Lynn: We really believe that the HCR highlights community involvement and health and fitness in a way that few other events do. We love that this event is held during a time of year when people are getting less active, the weather is a little cooler. This event gives people something to work toward; we at HNE support a team of our employees. It’s an opportunity to give people a sense of teamwork, and to support a community event that we firmly believe in. Our employees’ families and children benefit and have a great time as well.

MW: One of the important goals of the Hot Chocolate Run is to show support for survivors of domestic violence. If you could talk to a group of survivors, what would you say to them?

Lynn: I would give survivors the message that YOU are worthy, YOU are valuable, and that YOU are more resilient than you know. I believe that people are resilient; they are so much stronger than they know. I also believe that it takes strength to reach out. You’ve taken the biggest step in the right direction. Congratulate yourself!